North Carolina Garden Expo Information

The North Carolina Garden Expo is an annual event hosted by the North Carolina Commercial Flower Growers Association in different locations throughout the state. Typically, it is held at fairgrounds, convention centers, or other large, open areas where it is easy to set up and showcase the expo’s many displays, exhibits, and items for sell. Typically, plants and a variety of gardening supplies are on hand and ready to be purchased by plant enthusiasts at the expo. The prices found at the expo tend to be much lower than those found anywhere else, so this is a great way for plant lovers to save big or for a new plant enthusiast to get advice to start a garden.

All kinds of people participate in the expo as volunteers or as paid organizers or other works. Events typically feature regional industry representative, plant retailers, landscapers, plant and garden suppliers, and other experts in the industry who are willing to answer related questions and provide advice. Nowhere else will patrons find so many reputable professionals in one place, making this an opportunity that truly cannot be missed.

The main purpose of the expo is simply to help educate the general public about gardening and how it affects the economy of North Carolina. Those who attend the event will be able to increase their education on the topic in a variety of fun ways. There are informative how to exhibits for a wide range of topics, gardening displays, landscaping displays, examples of the newest and most popular plants, a question and answer booth, and even a special area for children to participate in enjoyable activities and increase their knowledge of gardening and plants. There is also general entertainment, food, arts and crafts, games, and more for everyone. This is meant to be a family friendly event fun for people of all ages and with all varying levels of interest and/or knowledge about plans and gardening, so everyone is welcome and sure to have a wonderful time.

Obviously then, the expo is a fun event for everyone, not just the gardeners and plant experts. It’s an excellent way to bring any community together and to spend a day learning something new, so everyone who is able is encouraged to head down to the next North Carolina Garden Expo. Even non North Carolina residents are welcome! Those who live too far away are encouraged to try and find out about similar opportunities or shows in their areas. Most states host events like this, because they tend to be so very popular and to draw a large crowd, something that is good for the town’s economy, for the local plant life, and for the economy.